Wade Stockton 2013



Wade Stockton
Inducted 2013


Wade Stockton was born on February 25, 1960 in Victoria, Texas.  The only child of Marshall and Mary Stockton, Wade exhibited an artistic talent at an early age by drawing and painting, taking lessons that continued all the way through school. But by junior high, Wade started playing music.  He played guitar in a garage band for school events and the local hootenanny.  Then one day his Pap-paw took him over to Jake Glidewell’s house to accompany him.   Jake must’ve liked his playing because he started taking Wade around to jam sessions, rest homes and other musical get-togethers. On the 4th weekend of April in 1974,  however, Wade saw and heard something that would change his life forever.  That’s right, his Mom and Dad took him to Hallettsville for the Fiddlers Frolics.   Seeing Dale Morris swoon the ladies and hearing Randy Elmore and Terry Morris was more than he could stand. Wadejust had to learn to fiddle!  He got his first fiddle the day he got out of 8th grade.   When Wade makes up his mind to do something, he usually does it. So when most kids were outside playing and enjoying their summer, Wade was holed up in his bedroom with a fiddle and a record player trying to learn tunes. The fiddle bug had officially bit!

Within months, he started competing.  His Dad probably put a million miles on that old station wagon, hauling him to two or three contests almost every weekend. With a lot of help along the way from fiddlers like Bill Gilbert, Bill Cox, Parvin Hoffman and Terry Morris, he started winning some contests. And he certainly couldn’t have done it without the help of Cliff Fryer, who always made sure he had a good fiddle to play.

Wade has also been willing to help out and judge, too. He’s judged everywhere from the World Championships in Crockett, Texas, to the Grand Master in Nashville, and the Fiddlers’ Frolics in Hallettsville, even becoming Emcee of the Fiddlers’ Frolics.

After years of competition, Wade decided to start playing in bands. He loves playing in front of a lively crowd and has been fortunate enough to do so and record with some of the finest musicians and singers in the world, on stages far and abroad.   In addition, Wade teaches fiddle, guitar and mandolin lessons several nights a week, and has been blessed with some awesome students over the years, some of whiom have competed on this very stage in Hallettsville.

In the fall of 1993, Wade married the love of his life Melinda Harbour. Wade also has three beautiful children, Cody Stockton, Randi Stockton and Brandon Kowalik, all of which play music and are very talented. Wade loves to hunt and ride motorcycles. He may be the only fiddler to have ever gone 212.7 mph on a motorcycle in a standing mile. Wade is also a proud member of Goliad Masonic Lodge No. 94.