Steve Williams 2007



Steve Williams
Inducted in 2007

Stephen Ray Williams was born in Houston, Texas on September 13 th1951 as the only child of Carroll and Marcie Williams. He was about 6 years old his Dad introduced him to fiddle music and tried to get Steve to play the fiddle, but this was not the instrument of his choice as Steve heard the guitar calling his name. His Dad had Jams at his house that included Chuck Goss, Dave Davison, EJ Hopkins all of and these musicians were instrumental in Steve’s interest in playing the guitar. Steve’s Dad owned a Martin D-28 guitar but he was not allowed to play it in fear that it would be scratched. What really got the ball rolling was when EJ Hopkins let Steve play on an old J-45 Gibson guitar that belong to his brother.

Early one summer morning around 4 a.m., his mother woke him up and told him to go to the kitchen. He could hear the sound of a fiddle and guitar playing music; it was Norman Solomon and Omega Burden playing “Leather Britches.” After seeing Omega’s style of guitar playing he became imprinted for life. Bill Northcutt also played a big part of Steve’s younger life by hauling him around to every contest they could make. Summers were spent at the homes of Omega Burden, Norman Solomon’s and the Franklins, learning the music. Whenever Steve (11), Larry Franklin (9) and Gordon Townsend (9) could get together at the contest they were like the three musketeers.

Others who inspired him along the way playing guitar during his early teens were: Buddy Weeks, Royce & Ray Franklin, Major Franklin, EJ & Violet Hopkins, Lewis & Louise Franklin, Dave & Glena Davidson, Chuck Goss, Norman & Betty Solomon and Jessie Mears.

In 1970 Steve married his “high school sweetheart” Jackie Allen, recently they celebrated their 37 th anniversary on March 14 th. During his high school days, he played bass guitar for a country western band, which became a turning point in his life. The following 9 or 10 years Steve kept busy playing bass with several country western bands on the weekends plus going to fiddle contests when he had a chance. He did all this along with his regular daytime job, thus giving him the nickname “Done Gone,” by his Dad. When his Dad would call for him, it was either,”he’s done gone to work, or he’s done gone with EJ & Carl to a contest.” By this time Steve had his own little tribe started. His three daughters, Tammy, Christy, and Marcie will tell you about their childhood saying, “All I remember is being hauled around to fiddle contest and dollaring my Daddy to death for the carnival rides.” Still he tried to make the contests whenever his 2 nd job of playing bass in the bands would allow him some breaks on the weekends. In 1980 Steve went back into the fiddling circuit and won the TOTFA State Championship Guitar contest in Burnet, Texas. In 1987 Steve moved to Porter, Texas where he lived for 19 years. In 1990 he held the TOTFA and Fiddlers Frolic Guitar Championship title and repeating this feat again 2006.

The call of playing bass for dances was so strong that in 1990 Steve started playing again for a country western band named “The Winchesters,” until 2000.

Starting his own company in 2001 as a State and Federal Inspector for different engineering firms that design airports in Texas. He could not continue playing with the Winchester Band due to his busy job requirements. By this time his tribe had grown and blessed Steve and Jackie with many grandchildren. After having three daughters, a wish for a grandson was in order, but he would have to wait. His first two were granddaughters, Audrey Denmon (13) and Shelby Cooper (10). Still he insisted to his daughters that some grandsons were needed in this family then BOOM! Just 4 months apart, he got his wish, two grandsons, Stephen Denmon (5) and Austin Mosley (5) (nicknamed Dynamite and Demolition). After a while came another grandson, Cole Mosley (4), another granddaughter, Taylor “Tatorbug” Cooper (3) and one on the way.

Steve and Jackie just recently moved a year ago to Lampasas, Texas on a 30-acre farm/ranch. Fiddle contests are no longer just contests; they’ve become family reunions for the whole William’s clan. So many life long friends have been made along the way, and so many stories to be told with not enough time or paper to list the names of my fiddling family who I would like to say “Thank You For Your Time And Talent.” And a big “THANK YOU” to my little brother (Carl Hopkins) for all the years of playing fiddle tunes and trying to wearing me down and my protege Anthony Mature who will carry on and help teach other young guitarist. My inspiration now is the younger ones, “WOW” they blow me away.