Johnny Crisp 2014


      Otha L. (Johnny) Crisp was born January 25, 1927 to Dee and
Whitney Crisp in Etoile, Texas. He had four brothers and five
sisters. In 1944, at age seventeen he joined the U. S. Navy,
served four years, came home only to find that his brothers had
joined the US Army. He decided to join the US Army and
served another four years for his beloved country.. He is one of
the few surviving WWII Veterans. He is a lifetime member of
VFW Post 581, Houston, Texas.
     He taught himself to play the guitar even “made” one using
“screen wire” for strings and remembers buying his first one for
$4.00. His love for playing has never left him. He enjoyed
playing while serving his Country. The hardest thing for him to
cope with since becoming ill, was his not being able to play guitar.
He retired from Hudson Machine Works as a Machinist, First
Class, after forty years of service.
     He is an avid golfer and bowler for many years and enjoyed both
until about a year ago when he became unable to participate.
He married Margie in 1952 and they had two sons, Steve and Jason. Both sons are musically talented. They
have seven grandchildren, Noah, Naomi, Rachel and Amber from Steve and Shelli, Brittany, Miranda and
Jacy from Jason and Missy, and four great-grandchildren, Owen and Desmond, from Naomi and Sean and
Jacob and Leah from Rachel and Keith.
     When Jason started playing the fiddle, Johnny took him to all the various contests, playing guitar for him
along with his dear friend, James Mature, and they also played for other fiddlers that needed “back-up”.
Cutest story ever, one evening there was a knock at their front door…..there stood Robert Mature!
Margie answered the door and Robert, with fiddle in hand, said, does “your Daddy play guitar”? I
answered, “no, but my husband does”, to which he responded, “Well, I play the fiddle and I need a guitar
player”! One of his favorite fiddlers was A. R. Westmoreland and he accompanied him on many occasions.
A. R., (Ozzie) and Jason would play local Nursing Homes with Johnny playing guitar for them. He also
enjoyed accompanying E. J. Hopkins in contests but enjoyed the “jamming” with E. J., Dan Weaver and
Curtis. What good times these were.
     He has a deep love for his Country, family and friends, all being an important part in his life.
O.L.(Johnny) Crisp is one of the finest men to have walked on this earth.