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Is there any age restriction for GTT? Can my ten year old son enter or is he too young?
Answer: Only the Senior and Freshmen divisions have age restrictions, as stated in our rules. There are no age restrictions for the GTT or Texas Championship divisions.
What type and how many tunes for the GTT or is that also decided on the day of the contest?
Answer: As stated in the Rules part of our website, the judges determine the type and number of tunes at the time of the contest. We have to do it that way since we do not know in advance the number of entrants we will have in any division, and we have definite time constraints in which to complete the division and the overall contest.
Is there more than one round in the GTT division?
Answer: Similar to the answer to your second question, the number of rounds will depend on the judges' ability to rank the contestants, which depends on the number of contestants in that round and the time available following the completion of other divisions. We cannot fix the number of rounds beforehand since we do not know beforehand how many entrants we will have or how much time will be available. A substantial amount of time is lost in getting contestants on and off the stage, so we might have them play more tunes per round, with fewer rounds. The contestants can help us a lot by being ready to go on the stage when it is their turn to play, and by already knowing which tune(s) they will play.
I am looking for information about the fiddle contest for my 10 year old. I am just wondering about the repertoire needed for the contest. When my family attended last year it seemed that her age group played only one piece, but upon viewing the website, it seems all divisions will play the same types and number of tunes. Can you please clear this up for me?
The answer to your question is that we cannot predict what number or type of tune(s) the judges might call for, as we are limited by time constraints. On the Saturday of the contest, we must put on three separate division contests, having the first start late enough for contestants to drive to Hallettsville, then finish the last in time to clean the hall and have a dance that night. Accordingly, the judges will set the number and types of tunes for each division based on the number of entrants in that division. If there are many contestants in a division, the judges often call for a first round of one tune, either a breakdown or tune of choice. After paring down the contestants, the judges will then usually call for more than one tune. I would say that it is a safe bet that the judges will call for at least one breakdown; if a contestant plays in the final round of a division, often that contestant will at some point additionally play or have played a waltz, and probably a rag, swing tune or polka.

Are all of the events indoors? Will we need to bring chairs? Can we bring coolers or snacks, drinks, etc....? Also does the weekend pass provide entry into every event?

I run the fiddling contest, only, and have little knowledge about the rest of it. Nevertheless, I'll try to answer your questions:First, most of the events, except the BBQ Cookoff and Carnival, are at least under roof, and there are usually ample chairs at the site. The fiddle contest, itself, is inside the air conditioned KC Hall. There are plenty of drinks, meals, and snacks available to buy. Drinks are not allowed to be brought into the KC Hall. As for the pass, please confirm before you purchase it, but I believe that the weekend pass is good for all events except the dance on Saturday night. Hope to see you in Hallettsville!

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