Daniel Jasek 2006



Daniel Jasek
Inducted in 2006
Listen to Agnes Anne Waltz arranged by Jasek 

Daniel (Dan) Jasek was born to Louis and Albina (Migl)Jasek in Moulton(Lavaca County)Texas on February 28, 1932. He was the second youngest among nine boys. Dan was reared on a small family farm and still operates it. He went eight years to Novohrad, a country school. Dan was inducted into the U.S. Army at age 20 and served two years during the Korean War.

While stationed in Camp Chaffe, Arkansas for a few weeks he met a fellow soldier name Joe Molnoskey from Gonzales, Texas, who was to go home on leave. Joe showed his family picture to Dan who immediately pointed to one of Joe’s sisters, Agnes Anne, and asked if she is married. The answer was no. Does she have a boyfriend? The reply was no again. Dan then told Joe to tell her hello. Upon Joe’s return from leave he told Dan that his sister said to tell me hello. When Dan received his leave he made a date to meet her and BINGO! One and half years later they married on October 17, 1955. Dan and Agnes have five children named Debbie, Sidney, Matthew, Joan and Glen, 13 grandchildren, one great grandchild, three step grandchildren and one step great grandchild. They farmed all their lives and celebrated their 50 years of marriage this past October 17, 2005.

Dan became a musician at age 15. He purchased a fiddle from a farmer in Robstown, TX while picking cotton to make some money.It took thirty dollars to buy the fiddle. Dan paid ten dollars and his father paid the remaining twenty dollars. He learned to play by going to dances and watching and listening to the fiddle players. Then coming home at midnight or so he would take out the fiddle and very softly play, so as not to wake his parents, some of the tunes he heard. He started playing at dances at fifteen years of age and played dances for twenty-seven years.

Dan also plays several other instruments. One was the saxophone he played in a “um pa pa Czech band” years ago. He has also played “Taps” on a trumpet for the American Legion Military funerals. Thirty-five years ago when the State Championship Fiddlers Frolics started in Hallettsville he recalls that he couldn’t believe his ears when he heard these great fiddlers such as Dick Barrett, Louis Franklin, Dale Morris, Jim Chancellor, E.J. Hopkins and others. He never heard of these breakdowns and waltzes. What a thrill! He has worked extremely hard to learn some of these tunes such as Sally Goodin’, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Blackberry Blossom, and so many beautiful waltzes. Dan has never had a lesson, which he really regrets, he believes that if he could have, he would be a better fiddle player.

Dan has composed several tunes and completely rearranged some others. In his younger years he sat in and played with several known bands, namely Adolph Hofner and the Pearl Wranglers, Texas Top Hands, Herb’s Rhythm Ramblers with Arnold Parker, The Velvets and others. Dan has played in every (35) of the Texas State Championship Fiddlers Frolics contest. He has been and is a great supporter and advertiser for the Fiddle contest. One year he had an entourage of people, from 39 counties to advertise the State Championship Contest in Hallettsville. Dan is responsible for the Frolics musical kickoff held on Thursday evenings.

The eight years of country education has not stopped him from a few accomplishments. H e served on The Moulton ISD School Board and 5 of the 6 years he was President, Vice Chairman of the National Farmers Organization Red Meat Bargaining Committee, 51-year member of the Moulton American Legion, 50 plus years member Moulton Knights of Columbus. He served over 20 years as “Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister of the Eucharist” in the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Moulton. In his job for the USDA Agriculture Statistics he served 29 of his 33 years as Field Supervisor. Dan’s lifelong reason for existing is and always was “to learn to know, to love and to serve God.”