Claude Henson 1977

claude_hensonBorn February 10, 1906 the son of Jack and Inez Henson, on a farm in the Sand Hill Community near Decatur, Texas. Jack Henson was a fiddler and thus at the early age of four, Claude tried playing on his father’s fiddle, and learned the basic techniques of fiddling from his father and other nearby fiddlers at an early age. When Claude was 11, he bought a fiddle all his own for one dollar from a family who was traveling cross–country in a covered wagon and camped near the Henson farm for the night. Most of his out-of-school hours were spent helping with farm work, but he played the fiddle with school groups and for other community activities.

After graduating from high school, Claude worked as a carpenter. In 1936 he moved to Ft. Worth and settled down to raising his family of three boys and one girl. During his lifetime Claude won many fiddling events, But always had time to teach youngsters the technique. In all probability, many of the great Texas Fiddlers we have today would not be getting the recognition they are receiving had it not been for the invaluable tricks Mr. Henson taught many an aspiring musician. He also helped raise fiddling to a place of prominence in today’s society; placing it in a more estimable position than it enjoyed a few years ago.

Mr. Henson lived until May 1975. Surely he must have been happy knowing he had contributed so much to the mastery of the violin. He left four children, Ed, Jack, Jerry, and Claudette; 14 grandchildren, and a world of friends who loved him and his music.