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Jason Crisp 2014

Kenneth Morris 2012


Kenneth Morris
Inducted 2012

Kenneth Morris was born on October 1st, 1950 in Gainesville, Texas to Louise and Laverne Morris, the
fourth child of six siblings. Kenneth currently resides in Alvord, Texas. He began playing guitar at the age of ten
backing up his older brother Dale on fiddle. It wasn’t long before he began competing in contests across Texas and
surrounding states. His nephew, Dale Jr. said that he has many fond memories of traveling to contests with
Kenneth and recalls him being a very sought after guitar picker. Kenneth was state champion in 1978 and 1981
and runner-up in 1987. Some of the musicians he has recorded with include Dale Morris Sr., Terry Morris,
Dale Morris Jr., Wade Stockton, Ricky Boen, Royce Franklin, Rex Gillentine, Bobby Christman, Jerry
Thomasson, Valerie Ryals, Bill Lyell, Tommy and Elsie Burger. Kenneth performed live on the Grand Ole Opry
with Dale Jr. in 1989 and 1992. He recalls that on one of the trips to the Opry they drove straight in from Fort Worth, arriving five minutes before they were supposed to go on stage; they had no time for rehearsing and as Kenneth walked on stage he
was tuning his guitar. Although he is known for his guitar picking, Kenneth, in his own way, helped
shape one of the greatest breakdown fiddlers of all time; when his brother Terry started playing
fiddle, he asked Kenneth to teach him the tune Apple Blossom. Kenneth did, and the fiddling
community has reaped the rewards ever since.
Family gatherings have always consisted of a big jam, and each of the family members sort of
inspired each other to excel. Kenneth is proud of his nephew, Anthony Wilson, who he has
watched grow into a remarkable musician, and he has enjoyed jamming with Anthony over the
years. Of course, Kenneth is very proud of his two daughters, Jennifer Kloesel and Julie Morris,
both of whom are excellent musicians themselves. His grandchildren Bernard, Nicholas, Isabella,
and Juliet have also shown musical talents and interests. Kenneth remarked that what makes this
induction really special is being in the hall-of-fame alongside his family members, Dale Sr., Terry
and Dale Jr.
Besides music, the fun-loving Kenneth enjoys working out at the gym, spending time with his
family, travel and deep sea fishing.


Bob Wills 2011


Bob Wills
Inducted 2011

Bob Wills (1905-1975) was born near Kosse, Texas. Fiddler, songwriter, bandleader and
consummate showman, he was a uniquely talented and charismatic individual. His musical
influence, especially in the late 1930’s and 40’s, ignited fans across the country and, to this day,
his legacy ~spires musicians around the world. Wills rose to stardom in the mid-1930’s and
performed well into the 60′ s. From a family of champion fiddlers, he grew up to the sounds of
old time fiddle tunes, jazz, blu~s, country, mariachi and gospel to ultimately perform the
American music form known as Western Swing. His unconventional “holler” and
animated presence thrilled audiences in dance halls, on the radio and in Western movies.
His music lifted spirits and brought people to their feet and his innovative and
improvisational talents kept the music fresh. Wills’ famous Texas Playboys band
resulted from his admiration for and ability to attract and promote gifted musicians.
Known as the “King of Western Swing,” Bob Wills is recognized as a major
influence on music and musicians who followed him. He and his music remain
“deep within the heart” of America.
“He loved music more than money and wanted to play the style that best expressed his feeling
and soul. Music was not a means to an end; music was an end in itself. Music was not a way ef
life to him; music was life. It was while he was playing that he was coefident and secure, that
he enjoyed some his happiest moments. To the end, the frontier fiddling, the blues, the New
Orleans jazz were all blended into a music that was called western swing, but was really Bob
Wills.” – Dr. Charles R. Townsend “San Antonio Rose, The Life and Music if Bob Wills”